What’s Been Said…

Here are some responses from employers, audience members who have seen me perform, and quotes from published reviews. Your responses are always helpful and I want to do my best for every performance, please keep them coming.

You can’t help but take a sharp intake of breath when Danusia steps up to the microphone. Offstage she is a shy, modest and self-effacing girl content to watch and listen on the sidelines. Then the magic happens. As she starts to belt out the old standard “A Change is Gonna Come” her whole being is transformed, channelled into a masterful, world-weary voice that cuts through the hot summer air straight into the hearts of the listener.  

Singer’s Quest Review, June 2010.

Your performances were always a big highlight at our Naeemah charity events…Beautiful vocals, keep up the great work!

Helen Rogers,  The Spirit of Naeemah

Danusia Samal always sings with her heart and you can tell by the joy in her face that this is an artist who clearly enjoys every minute of every performance.  Even when not singing her own material, Danusia brings a sincerity to other peoples work which makes it her own.  Danusia has always brought a special something to all of our events and is a consummate professional.

Roz Kara, Director, Xenia Consulting Ltd