Some reviews of my work:

For ‘Circles’ by Rachel De-lahay, Birmingham Rep & Tricycle Theatre, dir. Tessa Walker:

Angela cannot bear her daughter (beautifully played by Danusia Samal) to grow up thinking, “I’m so crap I let him hit me.” – Alfred Hickling, The Guardian

London actress Danusia Samal delivers her role as Demi as if she were a Birmingham native herself. Samal shows great understanding for the troubled and isolated teenager who takes the nightly ride on the Outer Circle with a hidden agenda. Samal presents the guarded and troubled Demi with excellent precision. – Elizabeth Halpin, Behind the Arras

The beautifully cast duo of Danusia Samal as Demi and Toyin Kinch as Malachi find a powerful veracity in their characters – Jane Shilling, The Telegraph

…groundbreaking performance by Danusia Samal – Gina Smith, Female Arts

The performances are universally excellent. Danusia Samal is the obvious standout as Demi, her flirtatiousness, her intelligence, her sense of humour, her liveliness are enchanting, yet Samal hints at a deep undercurrent of loneliness, and aloneness, as her character rides the bus in full circles of it’s two and a half hour route. –Steveatplays, What’s on Stage Forum

For ‘Billy the Girl’, Soho Theatre & Clean Break, dir. Lucy Morrisson

Danusia Samal’s wounded resilient Billy, Naomi Ackie’s sweet-natured, hopeful Amber and Christine Entwisle’s blowsy, damaged, self-deluding Ingrid are piercingly authentic – Sam Marlowe, the Times

Danusia’s naive, sometimes edgy optimism is stunningly likeable – Alice Saville, Exeunt

The performances are beautifully pitched, with a rare ease and naturalism… – Laura Barnett, Time Out (Critic’s Choice)

Danusia Samal turns in a very confident and nuanced performance as Billy. She has the intelligence, charisma and likeability to make us really believe in Billy and her new leaf, but also the mercurial aggression that shows us what might have landed her in prison in the first place. – Madelaine Moore, Female Arts

 Billy the Girl, with our eponymous heroine played with an infectious, nervy energy by fiercely likeable Danusia Samal…  – Devawn Wilkinson, A Younger Theatre

Billy in particular is relentlessly, almost exhaustingly captivating at the centre of events. As played by Danusia Samal, she seems to feel with every last sinew, investing both hope and despair with unsustainably explosive energy – Catherine Love

Danusia Samal as Billy is a strong determined young woman who feels like she has learnt from her mistakes, although underneath this exterior she is a fragile, angry and hurt individual. Samal’s performance was believable and perfectly pitched. – Elizabeth Vile, Public Reviews

For ‘The Birthday Party’, Manchester Royal Exchange, dir. Blanche McIntyre:
“Towering performances are given by the whole cast” – Manchester Theatre

“Danusia Samal’s naively greed Lulu, clambering eagerly onto Goldberg’s lap, is an innocent destined to get her acquisitive fingers burnt” – The Times

“Danusia Samal is the lovely Lulu, a seemingly innocent character dealt with disturbingly by both characters and playwright.” – British Theatre Guide

“Danusia Samal’s Lulu has everything a ‘good girl’ needs to go bad – looks, inquisitiveness and morals which can be cut to fit all sizes, all ages, and any occasion” – Daily Post

For 1001 Nights, Unicorn Theatre, dir. Douglas Rintoul:

“The bookish heroine and a new-found friend together spin ancient yarns anew across the cultural divide… it’s simply but ingeniously presented…” – The Telegraph

“Samal is a fine actress who knows how to light her face with smiles and warmth…” – What’s On Stage

“Three fine, contrasted performers… Samal’s serious joy is offset by Ritu Arya’s liveliness.” – Reviewsgate

“Thomas Padden, Ritu Arya and especially Danusia Samal as Shaharazad are wonderfully animated storytellers.” – British Theatre Guide

“The cast of three carries this storytelling piece brilliantly and Danusia Samal is wonderfully convincing as the youthful and innocent natured Shahrazad.” – What’s Peen Seen

For Liar Liar, Unicorn Theatre, dir. Blanche McIntyre:

“Samal demonstrates stunning range, building from huffy introvert to the strident flag-bearer for disenchanted youth in thrilling explosions of self-confidence. The moment in which she describes a teenage riot to Steve, climbing high on her wardrobe in revolutionary ecstasy is the show’s highlight.” – Exeunt Magazine

“Danusia Samal gives Grace real energy, grabbing a microphone she sings like an X Factor contender. It is a performance of great honesty, a girl with so much still to work out.” – British Theatre Guide

“Boasting a strong set of performances, led by the excellent Samal” – What’s On Stage

“Danusia Samal finds laudable complexity in Grace, who can be spiky, selfless and self-loathing all at once…” – Time Out

“Samal is outstanding as the moody teenager, truanting from school and taking refuge in fantasy – twitching, texting, pulling faces and shrugging.” – The Stage

“Danusia Samal is alternately fierce and vulnerable as the overwhelmed Grace… Grace is conflicted but sympathetic; at turns funny, ridiculous, childish and a young woman, making her even more enjoyable to watch.” – The Public Reviews

“Danusia Samal is outstanding in her portrayal of Grace. She creates an immediate connection with the audience who in return hang on her every word and feel her every emotion.” – Curious Mum




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