Busking It

“A fascinating one woman show that held your attention throughout. Funny, thought provoking and emotional all at once.”
“What a voice and what a story Danusia has to tell! A beautiful and gripping hour of theatre and music.”
“Danusia Samal is utterly charming and shows incredible skill as she slips seamlessly into each character. We laugh with them, cringe with them, and ultimately take away a new perspective of the buskers we walk past every day.”

An underground space in London. A busker stops you with a story that needs to be told. About a chance encounter that opened her eyes and changed everything. Together, you journey through her years on the London Underground, meeting its weird and wonderful inhabitants. The city’s unseen stories unfold as you start to stop and listen.
Inspired by 10 years of singing on the tube, Busking It is an honest exploration of loneliness in the crowd. A story about love, music, and reaching each other, told with live original music, poetry and rap. Journey into the world of a London busker and meet the best and worst this city has to offer. It can be funny, brutal, but there’s also hope. Despite all our flaws, people really can be wonderful. Especially when they think no-one is looking.

Busking It was originally developed at the RSC and presented at their Making Mischief Festival. Written and performed by Danusia Samal. Directed by Guy Jones. Music by Adam Cross and Joe Archer, with lyrics by Danusia Samal.

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