Update on a mish-mash new year!

February has been filled with jazz as new collaborations are set up and plans form for a CD to be recorded in June. I’ve busking all over London, have met all kinds of people, and have been interviewed, photographed, and performed on the radio. Here’s a couple of snippets of what I’ve been up to (click on the links!)


Shared Spaces – Click here for Fiona Essex’s shared space project, exploring spaces that are important to us. Naturally, I took her to my favourite busking spot!

John Fleming – Click here for an interview with the brilliant John Fleming.

I had the amazing opportunity to perform at Julian Barrett’s sell-out ‘John Breeze’ show at the Soho Theatre, as well as the (soon to return) ‘Night of Stuff’

at Shoreditch Town Hall.

I am currently filming new web-series ‘Boyle & Pyle’, and am set to return to the ‘Shanghai Blues’ in March. Please see dates here.

Danusia x

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