Happy Birthday Party!

Birthday Party receives four star reviews, and bossyboots Lulu gets some sneaky mentions!

“The Birthday Party is a stunning piece of writing and this was a first-class performance led by an excellent cast.” – I Love Manchester

“Towering performances are given by the whole cast” – Manchester Theatre

The Birthday Party Production Still “Danusia Samal’s naively greed Lulu, clambering eagerly onto Goldberg’s lap, is an innocent destined to get her acquisitive fingers burnt” – The Times

“Danusia Samal is the lovely Lulu, a seemingly innocent character dealt with disturbingly by both characters and playwright.” – British Theatre Guide

“Danusia Samal’s Lulu has everything a ‘good girl’ needs to go bad – looks, inquisitiveness and moral
s which can be cut to fit all sizes, all ages, and any occasion” – Daily Post

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